Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow Day Calculator

Today's post won't help you organize or manage your classroom. 

And, I apologize, but it will be of no use to all you Southern folk. 

But for those of you who live in the colder regions and know all about what it is like to do the snow dance, stalk the weather channel and anxiously await that infamous phone call that announces school is closed for the day...this one is for you.

It's just too fun not to share. It's the snowday calculator! After entering your zip code, the # of days your school has already been closed this year and the type of school you teach at, you will be given a percentage letting you know the odds of a weather-related school closing.

We're expecting a BIG storm for Friday and the calculator tells me we won't have school. I can't wait to see if it's right.

Right before dismissal, I mentioned to my kids that when I was little we all used to wear our pajamas backwards because it was rumored to bring on a snow day. 

So most of them put their coats on backwards. 

Which I thought was ridiculous.

Until I realized I was the fool who slept in backwards jammies for most of the winter throughout childhood. :)

Have you had any weather-related closing this year? 

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  1. OMG this is awesome!! My prediction for Friday was'll be interesting to see if it comes true. Thanks for sharing!!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. Oh, wow! I sure hope this is right- it says we have a 99% chance of a snow day on Friday! The funny part is that I didn't even know there was a storm coming...

  3. I use it all the time. Right now we are up to 88% chance of snow day on Friday! Don't fail me now!

  4. I teach in Canada. Where we never have snow days, even when it is -40 out. The kids always ask about having the day off because they see that other places do on TV. We are so jealous!

  5. I'm not checking the calculator because I'm on vacation in Florida. But back home in Upper Michigan, we've had 3 days plus a late start so far. One was a Black Ice day. We are pretty stoic about 5-6 inches. It's got to be tons of snow, still coming down hard, in order to cancel.

  6. We have a 99% chance! That was actually fun! Almost as fun as wearing pjs backwards! We never did that, though, because footie pajamas don't flip backwards very easily!

  7. We were told (as kids) and I now pass on to my students. Pjs backwards, flush ONE ice cube down the toilet, sleep with a spoon under your pillow, and put a white crayon and put it in the freezer.... Not sure if it works, but I have had 2 snow days and a 2 hour delay already.....

  8. It probably doesn't worky all the time but like everything else in the world it puts out energy that increases the odds for when a storm system does strike.

    In other words
    You can't make something out of nothing. The storm has to be in existent for you're methods to work.


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