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Camping Themed Classroom Pictures and Ideas {2012 Edition}

I've created several printable resource packets for you to use in your classroom. Combined they have everything you could possibly need (with the exception of bulletin board borders and background paper/fabric) to create a wonderful camping theme learning environment. Be sure to check out:
{download this original classroom theme packet here}

My Original Camping Themed Classroom Packet has a perfect rating on TPT (be sure to check out all the positive feedback from buyers). It includes all of the printable items shown in the sample picture below, plus more including: 
  • Deskplates, 
  • 4 Passes (Boys, Girls, Nurse, and Hall)
  • Welcome Postcards
  • Star of the Week Template
  • Bookmarks
  • 2 Reading Logs
  • Lesson Plan Book Template
  • Locker / Cubby / Nametags
  • Thank You Cards
  • 2 Communication Book Covers
  • Communication Page Template
  • 12 Calendar Titles
  • Calendar Squares 
  • Bulletin Board Title Cards
  • Note Paper - to plan your theme
  • Camping Word Bank Template - to help brainstorm even more ideas
{download this original classroom theme packet here}

My New Camping Themed Classroom Packet includes 125 pages of printables.
{See a full product description and download a free preview here}
  • Job Chart
  • Clip Chart {imo, the BEST form of classroom management}
  • Basket Labels
  • Multipurpose Labels
  • Number Cards
  • Nameplates
  • Word Wall Set {including title, alphabet and blank word cards}
  • Welcome Banner
  • Custom Banner
  • Pennant Banner
  • Plan Book / Grade Book Cover
  • Schedule Cards
{See a full product description and download a free preview here}

{See a full product description and download a free preview here}

I did the Camping Theme for the 2006-2007 school year and it's one of my favorites. 

That is completely ironic because I make no secret about the fact that I hate nature.
I'm far from being a girly-girl, but bugs and dirt are not my thing. Plus, I'm a total hypochondriac and pretty much convince myself that every mosquito bite will lead to Triple E and that if I step foot off of the pavement I will contract Lyme Disease. Disney's Wilderness Lodge is as rustic as this girl will ever get. But, the theme was fun.

So without further babble, I present you with a collection of ideas to help get your Camping Theme underway.
  • S’More Good Work
  • Camp Learn-a-Lot
  • Camp Fire Stories (Writing Board)
  • Hike into ________
  • Camping Out With a Good Book
  • Spotlight on Good Work (with flashlights)
  • ______ is a Picnic
  • Making Tracks in ______
  • Mountain of Good Work
  • Reach the Summit
  • Fired Up for ______ (with a campfire)
  • Glowing Good Work (with fireflies)
  • We’ve Got Our Sight Set on ______ (binoculars)
  • Lodge Rules
  • Don’t Be a Little Stinker, Follow the Rules (with a skunk)
  • Whooooo’s Here Today (with an owl)
  • What a Catch
  • These Boots Are Made for _______ (hiking boots)
  • Now We’re Cooking (grill)
  • Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints
  • Star-Gazing (stars with pics)
  • Mr./Mrs. ________’s Happy Campers

  • This Year Will be PACKED With Fun (with hiking packs)
  • Look Who’s Camping Out in _________
  • Camp Chores
  • We All Pitch In (with a tent)
  • Word Woods
  • Word Watching (with birds and binoculars)

  • Bug Jars (jar for each month with bugs inside for each child)


  • Earthy-Toned fabrics or craft paper
  • flannel
  • red and white checkered table clothes
  • maps
  • tye-dyed (like camp shirts)

  • bag of marshmallows
  • sticks
  • graham cracker box
  • Hershey bar wrappers
  • paper plates (on red checkered background)
  • plastic bugs (hot glue on to fabric)
  • pine garland (available in most craft/dollar stores and super cheap after Christmas)
  • camp themed lights

  • tent
  • sleeping bags
  • artificial Christmas trees
  • logs/tree stumps for sitting on
  • camp chairs
  • coolers for sitting on (also great for storing items inside)
  • picnic baskets
  • fishing poles
  • Woodland Stuffed Animals
  • Flashlights


  • Use Woodsy-themed or flannel fabric to make pillow cases.
  • Instead of just numbering tables refer to them as “Camp Sites”
  • Use tackle boxes as supply boxes.
  • Create a Survival Guide as your welcome letter and info to parents.
  • Instead of bathroom passes I made outhouse passes.
  • Use flashlights to “read the room” or for word wall games.
  • Make a CD of nature sounds to play.
  • Provide Lincoln Logs for recess/choice time.

How to Make a Campfire:




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Also be sure to check out my other original CAMPING themed classroom decor packets in my teacher store as well as the Clutter-Free Classroom's Guide to Classroom Decor. Click the image to see more details.

{Click to Access and Download the Clutter-Free Classroom Guide to Classroom Decor}

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hollywood Themed Classroom Photos and Ideas {2012 edition}

I currently have two different Hollywood themed classroom bundles available.  Together they include everything (with the exception of bulletin board borders and background paper/fabric) that you will need to create an amazing learning environment with a Hollywood / Movie Theme.

{click to purchase}

My Newest Hollywood Theme Packet can be found here and includes:

{click to purchase}

BASKET LABELS : 4 Different Styles (4.5 x 4.25)

NAME PLATES : 2 Different Styles in both blank and primary-ruled (9.25 x 3.5)

NUMBER CARDS / CALENDAR PIECES - 36 cards (3 in diameter)
I assign each student a number to avoid needing to redo things each year. The set includes #s 1-36. These would also make really cool calendar pieces.

This set includes a title to display (8.5 x 11), a complete set of 4 alphabet cards (plus 2 blank ones), and 4 different styles of blank word cards measuring 8.5 x 3.25

Create your own job chart by selecting from these 36 different job cards.

This is a wonderful way to manage student behavior proactively and positively. The file contains a link to a detailed blog post explaining how I use it in my classroom.

Includes both round and square labels.


Use these 4 colorful cards to create a customized banner. The set includes all 26 letters as well as an apostrophe and an exclamation point.
10 different styles of pennants along with special pennants titled with grades PreK-6th Grade. 


{click here to purchase this packet}

4 Passes (Boys, Girls, Nurse, and Hall)
Welcome Postcards
Star of the Week Template
2 Reading Logs
Lesson Plan Book Template
Locker / Cubby / Nametags
2 Thank You Cards
2 Communication Book Covers
Communication Page Template
Job Board Title
13 Job Cards (including blank)
12 Calendar Titles
36 Calendar Squares (including birthday, field trip, assembly and blank)
Blockbuster Work Bulletin Board Title Sign
Meet the Cast Bulletin Board Title Sign
Blank Bulletin Board Sign for you to Label
Lights, Camers, Read Bulletin Board Title Sign
A Star is Born Birthday Bulletin Board Title Sign
12 Monthly Title Cards for Birthday Bulletin Board
Note Paper - to plan your theme
Hollywood Word Bank - to help brainstorm even more ideas
Ideas -A collection of ideas to bring your theme together

  • Get Caught Reading has pictures of celebrities reading that would make great decorations for a Hollywood Themed Classroom.
  • Use scene setters on a wall for a dramatic effect.
  • If you do a class store as a reward system you could title it, “Rodeo Drive.”
  • Set up a mailbox for messages and title it, Fan Mail.
  • Get lanyards and make VIP Passes for the bathroom and nurse.
  • Decorate a director’s chair with fabric paint for your meeting area.

Newsletter Names

  • Live from the Red Carpet
  • Hollywood Review
  • Celebrity News
  • Behind the Scenes

Back to School / Open House Gift Ideas:

  • Sunglasses
  • Microwave Popcorn-Thanks for popping in!
  • Candy - Movie Theater kinds
  • Star Eraser
  • Tickets - Homework Passes
  • Glittery Pencil
  • Costume Jewelry or Bowtie
  • Hollywood Silly Bandz
Word Wall:

  • Hollywood Walk of Words
  • These Words Keep Popping Up ~ put letters on popcorn cutouts
  • HollyWORD Wall
Bulletin Board Titles:

  • Places Everyone ~ Place Value/Math Board or Seating Chart
  • Setting the Stage for _______ ~ Can be used with essentially any subject.
  • Now Showing ~ Used to display the current read aloud)
  • Coming Soon ~ Upcoming topics or books
  • Concessions ~ classroom refridgerator or where the lunches / snacks are stored
  • Star-Studded Social Studies
  • Setting the Scene for Science
  • Glamorous Grammar - use feather boa for border
  • Ritzy Writing
  • Stage Right - Writing Stages
  • Movie Star Math - write vocabulary words on star cutouts
  • Celebrity Autographs - cute board for when/if your class learns cursive
  • Paparrazi - Display photos of the students at work on projects throughout the year.
  • ______ Grade Is Reel Fun
Behavior Board
Quiet on the Set
“Reel”y Good Behavior
OSCAR ~ Our Students Can Act Responsibly

Use a clapboard and make each consequence be Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, etc)
Use clipart of megaphones to show appropriate noise levels.

Ideas for Reading Group/Table Names:

  • Concessions (Twizzlers, Snow Caps, Junior Mints, etc)
  • Genres (Comedy, Drama, Family, Suspense, etc)
  • Streets (Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset, Vine, etc)
  • Studios (Dreamworks, Paramount, MGM, Pixar, etc)
  • Awards (Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, Tonys, Emmys)




















Please visit my Classroom Themes Page for photos and ideas for just about every classroom theme you could imagine (with more being added weekly).

Also, check out my Pinterest Boards...chock full of classroom themes and all things related to primary and elementary classrooms.

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