Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are You Ready To Get Organized?

With 2013 fast approaching, the start of a new year is always a great time to get organized. I'll have a much more detailed post and a related video soon, but I wanted to make sure I uploaded my latest organization tool product before the 28% off Everything in My Store Sale ends tonight (use Code: CMT12 at checkout)...which meant uploading it at 2AM, but it's up. :)

I have been working on these for over a year and have used them with much success throughout 2012. If you are considering starting a teaching blog or online store for teachers (or if you already have one) you'll want to snag one of these products to help you stay focused and efficient.

{Click to access and download the Black & White Version}

{Click to access and print the Colorful Version



Speaking of getting organized in 2013, today's sale is a great time to stock up on all of my products that were designed to help you organize and manage your classroom.

I know the holidays are a super-hectic time. I would recommend taking advantage of today's sale to save the 28%, enjoying the chaos that is December and then download and print them over the break.

I'll be posting lots of tips and ideas at that time to help you get organized for 2013!

Below are some of my popular classroom organization and management products including my ebook which was a #1 selling product on TPT and links to the tips/products from last summer's Teacher Tip of the Day Series.

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  2. All the the tips and ideas are great and very helpful to get organized for 2013. All your products are great and useful to organize and manage classroom. Thanx for the sharing and keep posting!

    help me get organized


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