Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Classroom Walls Tip #3: Simple Color Scheme

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This week we are focusing on making your classroom walls appear clutter-free and visually appealing.  Today’s tip is to stick with a simply color scheme.  I am a HUGE fan of black.  It matches everything.  It’s neat.  It’s sleek.  It’s slimming. :)
I choose to combine black, with aqua and lime green this year.  
Aqua and red are pretty trendy right now.
Nate Berkus tells me that tangerine is the color of the year.
Pinks and browns are still pretty popular.
Greens and blues are calming.
Basically, you want to pick colors that you love, that compliment each other and that will provide a nice background for your room.
I suggest buying black or white baskets, bins, and other storage goodness because you can reuse them if you change colors or themes.
Below are some of the lovely classrooms found online.
The first picture is from Kristen’s classroom.  If you know her, you already love her.  If not I recommend you pour a cup of coffee and settle in for a treat because her blog is pure awesomeness.  Yesterday I posted about using black borders.  She actually does the opposite with a dark background and blue borders.  LOVE it!

{photo source}

{photo source}
{photo source}
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{photo source}

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  1. ack! My classroom is on here, how awesome!! Thanks so much Jodi and for the sweet words. You are my bloggy idol so I'm a bit starstruck right now!!!

    I love these other classrooms--makes me think I need to get more organized!

    Do you know what color scheme you are going to use next year? I think I might stick with the same, but change out my labels for something new.

  2. I'm actually thinking of keeping things the same...maybe adding in some hot pink. I'm not tired of this yet which is a first.

  3. That's because it looks so great! I had a few ideas and started daydreaming of those lazy summer days making things for the classroom, but we aren't out 'til June 22nd!! When are you out? That October snowstorm really did us in with those three days!


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