Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love is in the Air

My most recent reminder of this happened on Wednesday morning. When I got to school I was happy to see that all the calendar squares had already been moved to reflect a new month. I'm not sure which of my third graders took it upon him/herself to do the task, but knowing them it was probably a team effort.

I had two thoughts.

"I love my self-sufficient little learners,"


How did that happen? Last winter we had more snow and cold temperatures than the North Pole. As one who dislikes such Arctic conditions, the winter usually drags by. This year has been crazy mild and I've hardly noticed it was winter...which means new months sneak up on me.

Time to kick all things red and puffy heartish and President's Dayish into high gear. :)

I'm planning to do a Valentine's Day Writing Project this week and I needed a craftivity to go with it for our bulletin board.

I've been loving not using commercial borders and having the kids play a big role in creating the boards.

Here's what I'm thinking I'll do...

This heart garland would make a cute border.

I'll hang their writing with one of these crafts.

I love this one because it's rare that parents get handprints of their third graders. They love it. The only problem is that 8 and 9 year old hands can be too big for the foo-foo doily thing-a-ma-jig underneath. I could cut hearts from scrapbook paper, but let's be honest. The foo-foo doily thing-a-ma-jig underneath really makes this fabulous.

This is another favorite. Super cute! I love anything that includes their pictures. I know my boys would be down with making this. I don't know they would relish the idea of having it hanging in the hall. I'm thinking this is more of a "make it for mom and dad" kind of thing.

I'm leaning towards this cutie. Except I'll have them paint their own hands, cut them out and use those instead of the die cut hands. Because while 3rd graders may not do as many handprint crafts as those cutie patootie kinders, they can totally do them on their own. I just leave out the paper and paint and tell them what to do. I still have nightmares about my years in PreK. Nothing says "I teach the under 5 crowd" like a painted paw print on an Ann Taylor blouse.

If you are curious about the other ideas I was debating, feel free to check out my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board.

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  1. Love the hand print hearts...except a teacher came and asked me how to create it (which I had no picture to go by so I just 'winged' it)...mine were upside down!! lol
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. I love the heart garland! I think I will try to make those for our classroom tree this week!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Loving the ASL hearts! What a fun idea.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. I love all of these--so now I have to decide which one to do! I'm trying to figure out how to guide 1st graders' hands to do the heart handprint one. Seems tricky to get them lined up nicely and have space for the writing around the edge. I guess I'll have to cut each one out individually myself? Hmmm. :( I prefer to send kids' work home, not mine. Any ideas out there?
    Terri in FL

  5. I love these ideas, thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Why not but the ASL hand inside the cute heart thingy-ma-jig from the first photo. If 2 hands won't fit, I am sure one will. =) Just a thought.... I am always combining ideas to make my own and thought this idea might just work for you.

    @ Think, Wonder, & Teach


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