Monday, May 25, 2015

END OF YEAR MEMORY BOOK & ACTIVITIES {Makeover Monday Product Updates}

I'm so appreciative to all the teachers who have supported Clutter-Free Classroom throughout the years and feel it is very important to consistently provide quality resources and materials. I'm pleased to announce that I've been spending time completely updating some of my earlier work to reflect the high standards one can expect when purchasing a product from the CFC Store

If you have purchased this product in the past, you may redownload it and access all of the updates for FREE!  This week's featured "remodeled" product is. . . 
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The End-of-Year Packet contains 30 differentiated printable pages and is PERFECT for filling those final days of school leading up to summer vacation. I've been using this in my own room for five years and am excited to use the new look and pages this year. Not only does it provide me with a useful, engaging activity for my students to do independently during the times needed to meet with students for end-of-year assessments, but they are the perfect filler for those random chunks of time that arise from schedule changes (field trips, field day, assemblies, etc). 

Also, it pairs perfectly with the Back to School Packets that were created last year for the first week of school. I saved those booklets in September and plan to send them home in a pocket folder with these Memory Books and some photos from our year together as a keepsake.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

End of School Year Favorites {printables, activities, projects, memory books, assessments, classroom organization, decor and more}

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Teacher Appreciation Sale

It's one of the most exciting days in the TPT world....Sitewide Sale!!

All of the products in my store are 20% off AND when you enter code: THANKYOU at checkout you will receive an additional 10% savings thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers.

Yesterday I featured our popular low-cost Classroom Themes and Mix-and Match Color Schemes. This is a great time to grab them and get ready for next year early so you can enjoy your summer. 

Monday, May 4, 2015


It's May!! That mean's a few things.
a) This school year is winding down.
b) Summer is on the way.
c) I can't help but start dreaming about next year. Even when I'm at my most exhausted my mind still gets happy when I think about all the possibilities of new themes and color schemes.

I'm a big advocate for getting your classroom prepped before leaving this year or at the very least, having the materials ready so you can enjoy your summer.

Last year I updated all of my classroom decor products with the wildly popular ones shown below. If you purchased one of my Editable Mix and Match Color Schemes (value priced at only $8.00 for 33 products so you can create your own color combos) or one of my Classroom Theme Bundles I would love to feature you on the blog this summer. Please send me an email using the link at the top of this page.

And in VERY exciting news....I am about to launch over 20 NEW CLASSROOM THEMES for 2015. Monkeys was just added to the store yesterday and more will be coming throughout the month of May. 

Are you looking for tips, photos, and ideas that will teach you how to design a beautiful learning space without spending lots of money?

Be sure to check out The Clutter-Free Classroom's Guide to Decorating Your Classroom.  This guide is a follow-up companion to my best-selling Clutter-Free Classroom Guide to Classroom Organization. It is chock full of information that will help you create a beautiful learning environment for your students. The best part is that all of the tips, ideas and photos that are included can be done on a very tight budget!

Improve your classroom organization, management and teaching with: 

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Clutter - Free Classroom Decor Color Scheme Printables Design Decorations Set-Up Patterns Organized Organization Bulletin Boards Back to School Name tags Desk plates Editable polka dots chevron red orange yellow green blue purple hot pink aqua lime black grey gray white stripes theme supply labels behavior clip chart schedule cards numbers calendar clock helper teacher binder lesson plans alphabet tean frames word wall basket labels table team work dismissal chart cards where are we specialists welcome pennant clip art math resources book Classroom Organization Management Decor Design Photos Pictures Math Workshop Guided Math Workstations hall passes  school day tracker math focus wall colors days of the week tooth tally binder cover newsletter teaching strategies bulletin boards free freebies printables calendar job chart behavior plan clip chart clock editable schedule cards name tags desk tags desk plates binder cover calendar math wall word wall

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